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I was so excited to finally find a web design company I could rely on. I was amazed that Mark took the time to listen to what I wanted for our site. They were incredibly responsive to all our changes and extremely easy to work with. We are already receiving complements and inquiries from the website!  I would highly recommend Cornerstone Web Marketing.

Shonda Lange

Owner, Maid In Heaven

Absolutely Awesome! With such a busy schedule, I could never quite spend the time on my website I wanted. When I met with Mark, he said his team would handle everything and they delivered! After one meeting, Mark created a website that was exactly what I asked for and within 30 days! It is so nice to have someone that I can trust to just handle things for me, thank you!

Jennifer Lillie


I’ve worked with a number of different web marketing companies on several projects. Until working with Mark, this process was always painful, time consuming and frustrating. After working with Mark @ Cornerstone Web Marketing, he is the first company I have ever been able to confidently refer. Mark has a unique ability to see your vision and help facilitate its expression in digital media. The development of my most recent project has been easy and efficient with quick updates and thorough communication. If you are looking for a company to establish your branding and maximize your web presence you need to have a conversation with Mark to review your options.

Tony Gillard

Loan Officer, Mortgage Express